What Is a Customer 360?

What Is a Customer 360?

Customer 360 is a term you’ve probably heard in marketing circles. It’s become an extremely important building block for companies that want to truly understand their customers and the customer journey.

But what exactly does Customer 360 mean? Put simply, a Customer 360 provides your team with a single view of your customer, how they engage with your product or service, and all the touchpoints of their customer journey. By aggregating data across all of your campaigns and platforms, a Customer 360 will track customer interactions and customer data to give you a more complete understanding of your customer and what resonates with them.

When your team has access to an accurate Customer 360 with real-time insights, they can create better customer experiences and improve ROI. Read on to learn more about Customer 360 and why it matters.

How Do You Use a Customer 360? Practical Examples

Now that we have a general definition of a Customer 360, what do you do with the information? Building a Customer 360 is important, but putting it to use is where the rubber meets the road. Naturally, the next question is: How can you practically apply your Customer 360 to make the most of it?

Here are some examples of what a Customer 360 enables your team to do.

Unify Customer Data Across All Touchpoints

A Customer 360 lets you unify your customer data across all of your touchpoints. That means data from every campaign, every marketing channel, and every ad source is tracked and collected. A Customer 360 will also consolidate your data from other platforms, like your CRMs and sales tools. This provides a single source of truth for customer data.

Here are just a few examples of the data your Customer 360 will include:

  • Demographics: Including age group, location, and contact info
  • Customer behavior: Such as purchases they make frequently, product views, and purchase triggers
  • Channel interactions: For example, interactions on social media platforms, visits to retail locations, and interactions with your website
  • General data: Lifetime sales, average transaction value, and more

Build a Complete Picture of the Customer Journey

Your Customer 360 will show you analytics on the customer journey from discovery to conversion. You’ll see where you’re losing customers most frequently, what part of the customer journey is resonating, or what needs optimization, and you’ll get a general idea of how they flow through your campaigns. When you understand your customer journey, you can improve it.

Understand Your Customers and Meet Their Needs Better

Once you have a complete understanding of who your average customer is and what their customer journey is like, you can more precisely tailor your strategy to meet their needs and create a better experience for them. This level of understanding will improve your ROI by showing your customers you know what’s important to them.

Refine and Personalize the Customer Experience at a Granular Level

When you understand your average customer, you can also drill down on the more nuanced customer data to personalize customer experiences. You can create better products and services that are customized for your target audience. You can tailor communications so that customers can see that you know what they need to overcome their pain points and meet their goals. When you understand customer preferences and behaviors, you can always keep up with their changing needs.

Use Holistic Customer Data for BI Insights and Predictive Analytics

A holistic, comprehensive overview of customer data gives you more than just real-time insight. It also gives you the power of predictive analytics and the insight of business intelligence. When you can strategize for the future and predict customer behavior, you can overcome their objections before they even occur. They’ll experience a much smoother customer journey, perfectly honed to encourage them to convert. Your ROI will improve, and you’ll be able to plan ahead instead of always being one step behind.

Facilitate and Accelerate Customer Experience Automation

A deeper understanding of your customers also allows you to integrate and enable customer experience automation more easily. Plugging this Customer 360 data into your automation efforts will allow your automation tools to address customer needs better, answer customer questions more easily, and more efficiently lead them through the customer journey.

Narrator Enables a Self-Service 360-Degree Customer View

Are you ready to make the most of your Customer 360? Narrator is your solution. Narrator will help you build a robust Customer 360 and use it to its fullest capabilities.

Narrator does more than just help you build your Customer 360. One of Narrator’s most powerful features is self-service analytics. Self-service analytics makes it easy to leverage your Customer 360 data and generate actionable insights and reports that facilitate data-driven decisions from your team. With self-service analytics, your team can make a marketing query and get recommendations based on data in minutes. This increases your ROI, improves your campaigns, enhances the customer experience, and much more.

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