Data Stories: Fun Insights 5 Startups Found in their Data

5 startups share a story of how they arrived at an interesting insight using their data.

Data Stories: Fun Insights 5 Startups Found in their Data

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We're always on the lookout for interesting data stories. We recently asked some fellow startups about their experiences – for any kind of unique insight or funny thing they've learned. Here are a few of them.

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Pasha Rayan - Forage

At Forage one day, we realized fewer students were viewing the coursework made by our partner firms. We spent some time with our user analytics tool trying to understand what caused this drop. After some analysis, we pinpointed that the drop in conversion started two weeks before - and that it was caused by a help prompt we added in to reduce confusion! It turned out that our users were more confused as they were faced with two call-to-actions, both with friendly and inviting messages. Fixing this issue saw our students return to the programs as normal!

Forage runs virtual work experience programs for college students, with companies like BCG, JP Morgan, and General Electric

Arjun Mahadevan - CEO, StartPack

We collect the country of where people sign up from in our applications. Something interesting we saw was that we kept getting US signups. “But wait!” we thought. “The US market is very saturated!” Turns out there is still a desire for a one-stop-shop solution that we offer even in the US and this finding was exciting for us to see. This also encouraged us to continue to track this to see areas of interest / countries we could focus on more to spread the word about StartPack.

StartPack helps non-U.S. SMBs set up U.S. based bank accounts so that they can accept payments from customers globally.

Amrit Singh - CRO, Loop Health

We were able to collect data on insurance claims to identify which members in our population are most at-risk of a hospitalization. In these situations, we have our team of doctors proactively reach out to these at-risk members in order to better understand their health problems and help them manage their conditions. This way we can help people stay healthy before they end up admitted to a hospital. You can learn more about the Loop member experience here.

Loop Health helps companies deliver amazing health benefits to their employees.

Alex Hilleary - Co-Founder, Gather

In every customer or potential customer conversation we have, we collect data on the HR tech stack that our target audience uses. We keep this information as properties inside of HubSpot, our CRM.  We keep dashboards that display the top ten HRIS (human resource information system) and ATS (applicant tracking system) softwares our organizations are using. We use this data to prioritize the new integrations we build.

Gather is the first project management software for People Operations.

Alana Laverty - Head of Content, ZeroDown

Our latest product is driven entirely by data. Sherlock is a free Chrome plugin that instantly analyzes price trends, permit history, sale history, demographics, quality of life, healthcare access, and more for every home on sale on Zillow and Redfin. With recent price spikes and bidding wars, performing due diligence as a homebuyer is neither easy nor quick. We aim to equip users to become more informed about their home buying options through interesting facts, surprising details, and more than 500+ data points. Sherlock is available to download here.

ZeroDown makes it delightfully easy to search for, investigate, and buy a home by combining modern search tools, interactive content, and innovative financial products.

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